We make friends.
We are a product of the people we know. Think back on everyone you’ve met who’s opened a door for you. Everyone who’s challenged you or helped you build something. Everyone who’s changed you and shaped your life.

Think for a moment how unlikely it was that you should have had the chance to meet these fantastic people; and how many more fantastic people there are out there just one chance meeting away. Then think of how little power we really have to manifest those chance meetings that change our lives.

We think these kinds of encounters are too important to be left to chance. That’s why we’re building Surf. Its purpose is no less than letting you make new friends anywhere, anytime, to do anything.

Wholesome Against the World.
You see, we don’t like what the old social media does to people. It breeds alienation and indifference to safety and wellbeing, and seeks profit by making users’ worlds smaller.

On Surf, there will be no social currency (likes) or competition (followers). No news feed, no friends lists, no misinformation. The point of Surf is happiness, community, being accepted for who you are, enjoying the things that mean the most to you and, if you want, building something cool. We’re about acceptance, not alienation. We’re about keeping our users safe, not standing indifferent to their safety. And we’re about expanding our users’ horizons, not miring them in stifling familiarity.

It’s all perfectly wholesome, and because it is wholesome it is also perfectly rebellious. Think of our philosophy as ‘wholesome-against-the-world’.

From Device to Instrument.
The social media platforms that we know are devices for passive use. They engulf us in low-quality interactions. They train us to ask for little from our social lives and receive little in return.

Surf is an instrument for active use. Here, you are not a passive observer of social life but an active builder of social life. You don’t follow existing friends, you make them. You create groups and bring people together in the name of common interests and aims.

Through Surf, you are taking control not only of your social life, but of your life. You want to find a co-founder? Right here. A would-be band mate for a second-line New Orleans jazz group you’re forming in Manchester? No problem. A bowling buddy or a fellow HBO Max obsessive? Easy. A pirate-history-loving Swedenborgian, a wine-tasting Georgian, a trap-producing Londoner with a taste for architecture Edwardian? You never know. If you can think of it, you’re almost certain to find someone who will be interested here.

In Brief
In brief, Surf is for you: the doers, the kind of people who want to make things happen. The kind of people who want to do the coolest, most unique things in the most life-enhancing way: with friends.

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